Meet Sammie

Sammie is a three year old border collie mix who was not doing well in the shelter environment.  She developed some bad habits and was considered unadoptable.  INKAS was able to have her placed at PAWS, a local animal rescue, and brought in a dog trainer to work with Sammie.  Our president volunteered twice a week training Sammie in her new behaviors.  She progressed rapidly and is now available for adoption.  It will be a lucky family that takes home this sweet girl!

UPDATE:  INKAS is thrilled to say that Sammie has found the forever home that gives her everything she needs and deserves.  She goes to work with her mom every day and is being trained to be a therapy dog.

Meet Penny

Beautiful Penny is a ten year old purebred dachshund.  Sadly, when her elderly owners needed to move to a long-term nursing care facility, Penny had to be surrendered to the shelter.  Shelter staff quickly recognized that the condition of her teeth and gums was so bad that it could easily impact her overall health.  INKAS stepped in and took Penny for a dental appointment with a local veterinarian.  He did a much needed cleaning and extracted eleven teeth.  Penny now has a healthy mouth and no problem eating.  She has been adopted by a loving family who will keep her remaining teeth healthy and her breath fresh by brushing her teeth twice weekly!


These three cuties were found huddled together in the parking lot of the Ivins Veterans Home at the beginning of the week and brought to the Ivins City Shelter. Hendrix and Joplin were in desperate need of grooming. INKAS made a call to grooming angel Honey-Bee. Honey-Bee donates her time to help the animals at the Ivins City Shelter. She rearranged her schedule and INKAS dropped them off the next day for their spa day. 

What a difference a day makes!

Blondie Cleaned
MJ, formerly Hendrix
Mipha, formerly Joplin

Meet Tater Tot and Tank!

(Formerly Lulu and Lana)

These two girls were found running loose in Ivins a few months ago. The younger one, Tank, is 8-10 yrs old and the older one, Tater Tot, is 10-12 yrs old. They were inseparable so the Ivins City Animal Shelter worked very hard to find them a home where they could stay together. Both needed work on their teeth and Tater Tot had a growth inside her mouth the size of a large grape. With the help of Best Friends Tater Tot’s growth was removed and the process was started to get her mouth healthy. She had the last od her procedures done at the end of April and is one happy girl. Tank had her teeth wored on locally in April as well and is doing great. 

Some have asked what we do… this is just one of the many projects INKAS takes on. We schedule appointments, transport to and from Best Friends and local vets and finance the medical needs of animals like Tater Tot and Tank. 

The reward… Well you know what they say:

“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Tater Tot and Tank