Where is Ivins City?
Ivins City, a community of over 7,000 residents, is located in the southwestern tip of the State of Utah in the Upper Mohave Desert.  It is nestled at the base of the Big Red Mountain, a tower of vermillion sandstone.  It shares a border with the City of St. George, one of the fastest growing communities in the Southwest.

When did Ivins adopt the no-kill philosophy?
The Ivins City Council adopted the philosophy by Ordinance in January of 2006.  Since that time the Ivins Municipal Shelter has achieved a 95% plus save rate in every year.  INKAS plays a major role in enabling this success.

Does INKAS work with other animal support organizations?
Yes, including making cash contributions to enable necessary veterinary care.

Do INKAS Directors work at the Ivins Shelter?
Yes.  Three of the Directors are official shelter volunteers, and are able to bring available-for-adoption shelter animals to events when appropriate.

How can I help?
Volunteer Associates are needed and appreciated.  We are always looking for volunteers to help at events.  We also need artists and crafters who are willing to donate products we can sell to raise funds.

Where does my donation go?
INKAS supports the animals at the shelter in many ways. Often we are called upon to help with extraordinary veterinary bills.  Sometimes we pay for grooming a cat or dog in order to help it have a better chance at adoption.  We provide special food such as milk replacement for kittens.  We invested in quarantine cages for cats to improve the health of the feline population at the shelter, and in training devices to help develop good habits.  We also provide basic needs like collars, harnesses, leashes, litter boxes and cat beds.

Capital improvements to the shelter are also a high priority for us.  INKAS has provided shade canopies over the outside cat and dog exercise areas, and has purchased two portable air conditioning units to cool internal rooms.

INKAS has committed an investment of $25,000 to expand the community cat area of the shelter, and to add storage.

INKAS also financially supports other area animal welfare groups when they have urgent needs.

Can I help the shelter as a volunteer?
The City of Ivins has a process for volunteer approval. Contact the shelter directly at 435-628-1049 for more information.

Why should I support the no-kill philosophy?
To help save the lives of healthy and treatable animals.  Millions of cats and dogs who are healthy and adoptable are killed every year in shelters.  Adopting the no-kill philosophy means embracing a mindset that thinks first of what can be done to save a given animal.  Sometimes all that is needed is a haircut, a bath and some dental work to make an animal appealing enough for adoption.  Sometimes it takes medical care and behavior modification, or fostering by patient families.  It takes money, commitment and perseverance, but the end result is very rewarding.