What is INKAS ?

Ivins No-Kill Animal Supporters, INKAS, is a 501(c)3 organization and a Registered Utah Charity.  It was founded by a group of four friends who banded together to support the needs of the Ivins Animal Shelter.

What is INKAS’ history?

While INKAS was incorporated in November 2010 our roots run far deeper.  In 2004, two of our founders (Connie Butterfield and Lesley Mendenhall) collaborated with Ivins City officials to introduce the no-kill philosophy to the city’s animal shelter and adoption center.  In 2006, the Ivins City Council officially adopted this philosophy by city ordinance making Ivins the first Utah municipality to support the no-kill philosophy.

Today INKAS continues to maintain a presence at community events and we use all available media to be vocal and visible advocates for animals in need.  We continue to gain goodwill, increased community support and our generous donors are growing in size.  INKAS annual yard sale has become one of our most popular and highly attended fundraisers.

Our Purpose

INKAS at 2013 Hike for Hounds

INKAS works under a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Ivins to provide medical care, canine behavioral training, canine socialization, grooming, veterinary care, food and other shelter supplies.  Our purpose is to promote the no-kill status to gain goodwill. which leads to increased community support and donations.

According to the ASPCA 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).  Adopting the no-kill philosophy means embracing a mindset that considers what can be done to save an animal.  Sometimes all that it takes is medical care, spay/neuter, training, grooming or fostering by a family.  All of this requires money, commitment and perseverance, but the knowledge that we have saved the lives of innocent animals makes every effort extremely rewarding. 

We do not provide cash directly.  INKAS does purchase various items and services that the Ivins shelter and other local animal advocate non-profits request.  Some of these requests have  included shade covers in the outdoor play area and fans for the kennel area at the Ivins shelter. On a regular basis we cover the costs for medical supplies, spays/neuters, food, collars/leashes, new pet information packets, grooming and training.  Recently we added bi-annual low-cost animal micro-chipping events at the Ivins shelter.

Supporting the Ivins shelter is our primary focus. INKAS also strives to assist other animal advocate non-profits in the area by supplying pet food, purchasing equipment and assisting with medical costs.  Increased community awareness is also important to INKAS so one of our members used her artistic talents to help a local non-profit with improved signage.  She also decorated our cow for Swiss Days.

INKAS promotes adoptable shelter animals on our website and Facebook.  We also assist shelter personnel at area super-adoption events such as those run at major pet stores.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Simply put, we believe that all homeless animals deserve shelter, food and compassionate care while waiting for their special person to take them home.  The work we do is a labor of love.

Officers & Directors

President/Director:  Lois Hewitt

Vice President:  Shan Hansen

Secretary/Director:  Sara Dupre

Treasurer/Director:  Ruth Webb

Director:  Connie Butterfield                                    

Director:  Kim Rubel

Associate Volunteers:  Sharon Barton, Jan Bates, Stacey Trujillo