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Navy’s foster family has adopted him!!!



Navy chillin’ at a coffee house in Kanab!                                                         Navy & Kids???  No Problem!

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DAY 1:

Navy has settled in at his temporary foster home in Kanab and is doing great!  THANK YOU! to Keith Hightower, trainer at WOOF! and INKAS’ own Lois Hewitt for working tirelessly to find a foster home for Navy.  A huge THANK YOU! to Dani for opening her heart and home to Navy for the next 2 months.  Keith and Dani will be working with Navy and giving him much deserved love and attention!  We will continue to look for a forever home for Navy.








In late June, 2016 the Ivins Shelter found themselves with a pregnant Poodle mix named Trudi and no foster home available.  One of our Directors brought Trudi home and 4 days later Trudi gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies.  After 8 weeks of hard work, laughter and tears Trudi and her 5 adorable pups all found wonderful forever homes!



In early March, 2014, a very pregnant Schnauzer mix named Paisley came into the Ivins Shelter.  Happily, a loyal INKAS supporter and her husband agreed to foster Paisley through whelping and the first several weeks of the pups’ lives.  This took the burden of caring for the puppies off the shelter, but it called for a lot of hard work and devotion on the part of the foster “parents”.  They pretty much put their normal lives on hold during the process. Five beautiful and healthy puppies were born on March 13, three girls and two boys.  All went well until April 1, when Paisley was diagnosed with pancreatitis.  True to their commitment, the foster parents leapt into action with medication, a special diet, puppy formula, hand feedings (every 2 hours at first, then every 4 to 6), watching over the pups during playtime, and taking special care of Paisley.  Fortunately, the fosters had the help of a good friend with the feedings.  The puppies thrived during the ordeal and Paisley recovered nicely. We’re very pleased to report that at eight weeks old, on May 8, all five of the puppies were adopted into good homes.  As for Paisley, what was her foster home is now her forever home.   Lucky Paisley! Many animal-loving friends and neighbors watched the story of Paisley and her puppies unfold through the beautiful photos taken by Paisley’s foster mom.  Here are some of them for your enjoyment.  Click on any picture for caption and to advance slideshow. 



BLUE - The little guy who could not walk.

BLUE – The little guy who could not walk.

BLUE - Getting some love from Connie visiting him at Best Friends.

BLUE – Getting some love from Connie visiting him at Best Friends.

BLUE came to the shelter with neurological damage.  He could not function in the general kitten population because he was unable to walk, and was incontinent. INKAS Director, Connie Butterfield, took Blue home to nurse him and to help him regain the use of his hind legs.  Soon Blue was able to hop like a Bunny and to play with a kitten companion.  INKAS paid all veterinarian bills, but it was persistence and love that got Blue to the point where INKAS was able to place him with Best Friends to live the good life with other disabled cats.